Is it Time for Suspension Repair?

Is it Time for Suspension Repair?The suspension is a vital part of your vehicle that not only provides ride comfort, but it keeps your commute safe. It does so by preventing the vehicle from lifting any of its wheels off the ground, ensuring proper braking power at all times. It also allows for the vehicle to corner without you having to worry about it rolling over, spinning out, or losing control of any sort. If you find your vehicle suffering from any of the following symptoms of suspension trouble be sure to make an appointment with your local mechanic right away to have the issue resolved.

Oily Struts

While you'll have to do some digging to actually notice this symptom, you may find the outsides of your struts to have an oily substance on them if they are having trouble absorbing the unevenness of the road. This is because the struts utilize this special fluid to properly conduct their job. If it leaks out the suspension will quickly lose its ability to maintain proper ride height, resulting in a loss of comfort and also present control issues.

Rolling Sensation

Another common problem associated with suspension trouble is the feeling that your car is going to roll over or spin out while going around the corner. You will get this feeling if the anti-sway bar, which is a part of the suspension, can no longer perform its job. Its primary function is to transfer the center of gravity of the vehicle while cornering.

One Corner of the Vehicle Seems Low

If you find that one corner of your car appears lower than the others you'll likely assume that you have a flat tire. If all the tires seem to be properly inflated the other explanation is faulty suspension components in that corner of the vehicle. You will want to have a mechanic repair this issue as it can present major control issues, such as drifting, as well as increased tire wear.

Bounce Test

If you believe that you're having suspension trouble there is a test that you can perform to give you a quick answer. Simply push on the hood or trunk of your vehicle several times to get it bouncing. The car should return its normal ride height within 3 to 4 bounces after you stop pushing. If it continues to bounce much more than that there's a good chance that the shocks have worn and will need to be replaced.

Letting suspension trouble go unchecked will not only cause additional problems for your vehicle, such as a rigid, uncomfortable ride and increased tire wear. It also puts you at risk of control problems that could lead to an accident. If you think that you need suspension repair in Vancouver visit Soares Auto. Our domestic and foreign auto repair shop is staffed by highly skilled technicians who can resolve any issue. To schedule professional auto repair in Vancouver give our team a call at (604) 229-2537 today!

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