No Cold Air? Common Issues Resulting in AC Repair Needs

No Cold Air? Common Issues Resulting in AC Repair NeedsAs we head into summer you will want to be sure that your car's AC system is working right to ensure that you have a cool ride home from the office. If you notice your vehicle's AC is not working don't hesitate to have it fixed, as your commute is probably already bad enough, no need to make it any more uncomfortable. There are several things that may go wrong with an AC system, from leaks, to grime build up, to mechanical failure of certain parts that can cause it to fail. Here are common reasons a vehicle air conditioner fails.

One of the most major causes that warrant air conditioner repair is a refrigerant leak, which can be very difficult to detect. The refrigerant used in AC systems evaporates on contact with air, so an ultraviolet fluid must be introduced into the system to determine if there is a leak or not and to find the location of where it is. This test is usually performed if your AC system experiences low refrigerant pressure.

While an AC leak is a common culprit of no or insufficient cool air, other reasons include a loose or broken drive belt, a clogged expansion valve or a blown fuse. However a broken compressor or slipping compressor clutch can also cause a lack of cold air. Each of these will need to be serviced by a professional auto mechanic.

If you experience AC issues while idling you need to ensure the electric fan motor is working. Some vehicles have two, one for the air conditioning condenser and the other for the radiator. While it is necessary all year long, it is especially crucial during the hotter months that both of these fans work properly so that your engine stays cool, along with yourself.

If your AC won't blow cold air contact your local auto repair shop to have the problem diagnosed and fixed. For automotive AC repair in Vancouver head to Soares Auto. We service all foreign and domestic cars and trucks, offering complete auto repair to keep your ride, safe, comfy and reliable. Give us a call at (604) 229-2537 to request professional auto repair in Vancouver today.

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