Does My Car Need Transmission Service?

Does My Car Need Transmission Service?The transmission is really a machine within a machine. This complex mechanism is what transfers the power created by the engine to the wheels. Trouble with the transmission that is not addressed in a timely manner could result in a vehicle that can't move at all. If you ever run into any of these common signs of transmission trouble be sure to visit your local auto repair shop for expert diagnostics and repair.

Grinding when shifting

A common sign of transmission trouble is a grinding or whining noise that occurs as the vehicle shifts. This can occur with both automatic and manual transmission cars. It is often a sign of low fluid, which means that there will be excessive friction between the moving parts inside the tranny, resulting in damage.

Delayed shifting

If you drive an automatic transmission vehicle and you notice that the engine is now revving high while the transmission shifts between forward gears, get to a shop right away. This can be caused by bad fluid, but it may also be a problem with the computer that controls when the transmission shifts.

Can't get into gear

An obvious sign of transmission trouble is if you simply can't get the car into a particular gear. This too is a problem that happens with both manual and automatic transmission cars and trucks. Unfortunately this may indicate a need for major transmission repair or possibly a replacement.

Falls/Pops out of gear

If your vehicle's transmission falls out of gear or suddenly pops out of gear you need to have the issue checked out. This presents a dangerous problem, as it prevents you from being able to properly control your car or truck.

Transmission fluid leak

The transmission fluid is dyed red in most cases, making it easy to distinguish from other types of fluid used in the vehicle. If you find a puddle of reddish liquid under your car you'll want to get in for service. Low fluid levels can cause all types of problems, including most of the above.

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