Does My Car Need Suspension Repair?

Does My Car Need Suspension Repair?Many people associate the suspension system with ride Comfort. While they are not wrong, the suspension is also tasked with ensuring a safe ride. It is up to the shocks and struts to keep your vehicle upright at all times, as well as keep all four wheels on the ground while traveling over all types of terrain to ensure maximum braking power is available. Should you ever encounter any of the following signs of suspension trouble be sure to visit your local auto repair shop for further Diagnostics and repair.

One corner low

If you notice that one corner of your vehicle is lower than the rest, yet the tire is not deflated, it is likely that the suspension has grown tired and collapsed on itself. This issue will cause your vehicle to drift to one side and increase tire wear. Be sure to have this problem taken care of as quickly as possible, as it is unsafe to drive with an issue such as this present.

Grease on the struts

Another sign of suspension failure is if there's grease on the struts. The struts utilize a specialized oil to help absorb the unevenness of the road. If the struts casing cracks, or if a seal blows, this oil may leak from the strut, which will prevent it from being able to properly do its job.

Rolling sensation

There's a particular part of your suspension that has a very important job, which is to prevent your car from rolling over while cornering. This part is called the anti-sway bar. Should you ever feel as if your vehicle is tipping over or otherwise losing control while cornering make sure to visit the auto repair center at your earliest convenience. Operating a vehicle with a failed anti-sway bar could result in an accident.

Excessive bouncing

There's a quick test you can perform to check the health of your suspension. Simply push on the front or the rear of the vehicle to make it start bouncing up and down. Once you quit pushing on the vehicle it should return to a stable position within three to four bounces, any more than that and it is likely time for some sort of suspension repair.

To ensure a safe and comfortable ride alway take care of suspension issues as soon as they become apparent. For professional suspension repair in Vancouver head to Soares Auto. We service all makes and models of import and domestic vehicles at our bumper to bumper auto repair shop. To learn more or to request an appointment for quality auto repair in Vancouver give us a call at (604) 229-2537 today.

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