Does My Car Need a New Alternator?

Does My Car Need a New Alternator?The alternator is responsible for powering electrical equipment and systems in your vehicle while the motor is running. It generates electricity through the motion of the motor, thanks to a belt system. Any excess electricity is stored in the battery, which allows the vehicle to start, and run electrical components when the motor is off. If you run into any of the following signs of alternator failure be sure to visit your local auto shop before you end up stranded on the side of the road.

Battery Won't Stay Charged

If you go to start your car and the engine turns slowly or not at all, it may be that the battery has died. While batteries do die completely and need to be replaced from time to time, it is possible that the alternator has failed, thus causing other electrical systems to use the electrical juice from the battery. If you jump start your car and the battery does not recharge, head to the shop to find out which issue your vehicle is suffering from.

Dim or Flickering Lights

A common clue to alternator failure is dim or flickering headlights. This occurs because it is the alternator that is responsible for keeping the headlights shining while the engine is on. If the alternator is weak or failing, so to will be the lights.

Electrical Issues

You may encounter a number of other strange electrical issues if you're facing alternator failure. A few common examples include trouble operating the radio, power windows or power seats. If you notice strange occurrences with these items, or other electric accessories, be sure to visit your mechanic as soon as possible. The problem will only get worse and it could leave you stranded.

Dashboard Warning Lights

If a little light that is shaped like a battery and/or says GEN or ALT (for generator or alternator) you likely have a failing alternator riding under the hood. Sensors can detect the amount of electricity that your vehicle is producing, versus how much it is using, and if the former is less than the latter, the light will be triggered.

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