Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Inspection for a Used Car

Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Inspection for a Used CarSo you've decided to buy a new-to-you car? That's great! Car shopping can be extremely exciting, but it also can be a bit anxietal for some. How do you know if you're really buying a good car? Is the previous owner telling the truth? Are those actual miles or has the odometer rolled over? These are all questions that people have when buying a used, and if you aren't a professional mechanic, they can be hard to answer. That's why it is always good to have a pre-purchase inspection completed before handing over the cash!

What is done during a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is smart because it gives a seasoned mechanic to give the vehicle you are interested in an in depth condition analysis. During the inspection the mechanic will complete a variety of services, such as checking the fluids, inspecting the brakes, tires, suspension and steering components, ensure all electronics are working, complete diagnostics to ensure there are no computer codes showing and conduct a test drive to see if the vehicle drives as it should. In some circumstances the mechanic may also provide you with something like a car history report, if available. So, why should you have this done for the car you're interested in?

Save money on repairs

It would be quite a big let down to buy a car, only to have to head off to the auto repair shop a few days later because the check engine light came on or it started leaking oil. A pre-purchase inspection will give you an idea of all the problems that the vehicle has, meaning you will have an idea of what sort of money you'll need to dump into the car to make it safe and reliable. From new tires to a repaired engine, the technician will be able to give you a thorough breakdown of what you can expect if you take ownership.

Negotiate a better deal

The other benefit of having a pre-purchase inspection completed is that you'll be able to negotiate a better price, should you want to still buy the vehicle. Once you're armed with all the issues facing the vehicle you could get a much better deal than if you simply made an offer based on the owner's description of the vehicle's condition.

If you have found a vehicle that you would like buy and need a used car pre-purchase inspection in Vancouver reach out to Soares Auto. Our expert auto repair technicians will be able to identify all issues that a vehicle may suffering from, giving you the information you need to make a smart decision. If you have any questions about this service or would like to schedule an inspection or other auto repair in Vancouver give our friendly team a call at (604) 229-2537 and we will be happy to help.

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